Press Release Regarding Chinatown Fair's Closure

Check out the press release for information on the closure of CF.


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Dr. Dre as a grammy of artists, music producer and sound perfectionist, for looking for really be able to accurately transfer all music element of the headphones, and the MONSTER's to make the sound Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones, make you enjoy the acme of music experience... hd . Sound so lifelike, like you in listening to live singing.
People and didn't hear music of all the subtle. Artists and music producer in the studio in do my best to make perfect music, but use common headset but can't hear music the fine point. Most of the headset can precisely bass, music of the release of the subtle, and the music of the dynamic change. All in all, this music and can't move the person.
Beats that people can be heard musicians heard the voices, enjoy the true music, and this is what I hear the music of the precise interpretation. Monster Beats the use of advanced speaker design and Powered Isolation? Noise isolation technology, accurate to transfer the music producer top artists and want to present to you strong, clear and overweight bass sound effects. Into the studio to show you--Beats by Dr. Dre ( dr dre Beats ).
Studio advantages: the weight and size moderate, quality excellent, heavy bass effect is very good, the noise reduction function is best in all styles;
Weakness: the need to external battery for enhanced noise reduction in order to achieve the optimal sound insulation effect, so want to install batteries and at the same time
Turn on the power up to hear the sound (the sell like hot cakes, curator of the most recommended the design of choose and buy: Monster Beats Headphones ).
Pro advantages: appearance more cool sound quality best, do not need batteries, especially heavy bass even better than the Studio;
Weakness: the need to wear glasses edge to listen to the edge of the friend doesn't suit, physical sound insulation, designed a little tight, will clip glasses edge.
Solo advantages: easy to carry, need not battery;
Weakness: the sound quality is general, heavy bass general.
Tour advantage: for harsh in-ear headphones, sound insulation effect is good, fashion, heavy bass good, the price is cheap, for the most convenient to carry design.
Is of sell like hot cakes;
Faults: some people will not used to the type of object contact method

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